Established in 1967, we, Mittra and Mittra are one of the distinguished supplier of replacement parts of MAHINDRA, TATA, TOYOTA, MARUTI AND AMBASSADOR. With over more than 50 years of experience in this domain. It feels a tremendous experience of catering such a huge market of India. We are having manpower which has experience of more than 25 years in this field. We have developed infrastructure in such a way with which we can provide quick supply to our clients. At Mittra and Mittra we rely very much on innovation and research & Development. For that purpose only we have developed separate team who take care of each and every prospect of the product. With support of our team we are also moving in new direction of customization of product on the basis of demand of the consumer. From past 5 years it has brought a great success to the organization.


  • Provide superior products and services to our customers and maintain market leadership
  • Evolve as an organization that serve the best interest of stakeholders
  • Pursue excellence through quality management
  • Ensure highest standards and integrity of all our actions
  • Promote the development of economy by encouraging entrepreneurship and enterprise efficiency
  • Creating flexibility and simplicity in the organization

Director's Message

Progress for our company has never been a dream. It has always been a distant reality and once one milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed. It is with this belief that "MITTRA AND MITTRA" a company that was in the business of Automotive spare parts. Almost instantly, Mittra and Mittra became a prominent name in this business segment, but like every entrepreneur sticks to their dream, I always wanted to push my company to more prosperous milestones. More than being a global player, I always perceived my company as a unit that could make a difference with its quality and competitively priced products.

Overcoming challenge after challenge with the support of my brilliant team, I have been successful in bringing MITTRA AND MITTRA to a new milestone of global recognition.

The journey of  Mittra And Mittra is never ending. But with the support of my team and clients, I am confident that the company will continue to scale milestones of excellence for years to come.


50 Years